Assessment Hospitals Map


Assessment Hospitals Map


A December, 2014 map with the locations of 44 U.S. Ebola Treatment Centers and 217 Ebola Assessment Hospitals. CDC and partners provided information through web-based tools, daily calls, mobile training applications, live training events, and in-depth clinical trainings by experts at Emory University Hospital and Nebraska Medical Center. With strategic partners, CDC was able to reach more than 150,000 healthcare workers. CDC also partnered with Partnership for Quality Care and healthcare unions to conduct live training events in New York City, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. These trainings reached more than 6,500 people in-person, and more than 20,000 via live webcast. Additionally, CDC, Emory University Hospital, and Nebraska Medical Center trained more than 460 healthcare workers from 87 healthcare systems, including 37 new Ebola treatment centers, on all aspects of infection control and care for patients with Ebola.


Produced by Situational Awareness, CDC's Division of Emergency Operations and GRASP


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