CDC Deployment Map


CDC Deployment Map


2014 Ebola Response-Staff Deployments, October 8, 2015 map. Among other information, this map details CDC staff deployments to the five quarantine stations screening travelers from West Africa. The map also notes the number of additional surge staff, including medical officers, public health advisors, and CARE ambassadors stationed at the five U.S. ports of entry at the international airports in Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Newark, and Washington, D.C. The CARE ambassadors were social workers and other professionals recruited by CDC to meet arriving travelers to educate them on monitoring their health and how to connect with state and local health departments at their destinations. All the ambassadors had a 4-day training in Atlanta-everything from security to confidentiality training-and then more training when they got to their assigned posts. Over 200 additional surge staff and CARE Ambassadors were involved in the overall response.


Produced by Situational Awareness, CDC's Division of Emergency Operations


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