Survived Ebola Flipbook


Survived Ebola Flipbook


You've Survived Ebola! What's Next? flipbook produced by CDC Division of Creative Services, July 31, 2015. In August, 2014, the first KAP -Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices- survey undertaken by FOCUS 1000 with a consortium of partners, including CDC, UNICEF, and the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone, found that 96% of the population reported some discriminatory attitudes toward people with suspected or known Ebola. Survivors had experienced being shunned by their communities, and expressed feelings of shame and guilt. Based on these findings, responders began to address specific medical and psychosocial issues facing survivors. This flipbook, and of which there were several previous versions, was used by counselors when discharging survivors. Counselors also accompanied survivors back to their communities, where they facilitated conversations about survivor acceptance and how to support survivors.


Produced by CDC's Division of Creative Services


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