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CDC sends a team of five people to Guinea to collect and review epidemiologic data, meet with partners, and provide risk communication consultation for Ebola.

Activities Report of the Trip to the Southeastern Region
Report to the Southeastern Region of Liberia

Bye Bye Ebola song to celebrate the end of the Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone on November 7, 2015 -although there was a later flare-up-, produced by SMAC. Throughout the Ebola response, social mobilizers frequently used popular music as a…

Donning For Success.mp4

"The Cave" in the basement of the Radisson Hotel in Freetown, Sierra Leone, from which CDC operated, April 15, 2015
This educational infographic addresses fear surrounding Ebola in the United States. It provides ten facts about Ebola and how it is and is not spread. For example, the infographic explains that Ebola is not airborne, is not spread by mosquitos, and…

MSF Catalogue of Items
MSF catalogue of Ebola emergency items used in ETUs, March 2015.
To track the influenza pandemic in the U.S., CDC used a variety of different methods. School absenteeism and school closings, two of the methods used, gave CDC epidemiologist accurate data on some of the effects of the pandemic.
Ebola Cases Reported, Epi Week 43, October 25, 2014

In mid-April 2009, CDC received samples from the first patient with suspected (H1N1)pdm09 from California. Two days later, the California Department of Public Health called to report a second patient. In the early days of the outbreak, CDC's Dr.…
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