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CDC published the first CDC Influenza Report in July 1957. As the 1957 influenza pandemic spread, the publication, later called the CDC Influenza Surveillance Report, tracked epidemics and provided weekly updates to public health officials throughout…

This booklet published by the CDC Epidemiology Branch compiles epidemiological graphs created during the 1957 influenza pandemic as a teaching aid.

As vaccines became available, people visited their private physicians' offices and clinics to be vaccinated. This surprised CDC's Vaccine Task Force, as they anticipated that most people would be vaccinated through mass immunization stations or…

H1N1.Influenza vaccines.jpg
Box of influenza A(H1N1) monovalent nasal spray vaccine from 2009 pandemic flu vaccine rollout at Le Bonheur Children's Medical Center, 2009

British newspaper that recounts the experiences of the Apollo 8 astronauts with the eye catching headline "Influenza Scare on the Apollo 8 Mission."

Cambodia reported human infections with avian flu viruses in January 2004. Since then, the Cambodian Ministry of Health has partnered with other international agencies to strengthen their pandemic preparedness, including educating the public about…


First Australian influenza vaccine advertisement, 1948


This poster, created by a New Jersey pharmacist to encourage vaccination during the 1957 pandemic, contains a racially stereotyped depiction of an Asian man stepping out from East Asia. A dotted line traces the spread of the pandemic from Asia to the…
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