Oral Histories

The Ebola Oral Histories Collection includes audio interviews with personnel involved in the 2014-16 Ebola outbreak. Here you will find the recordings in their entirety. Throughout the Main Exhibit and in Mapping Ebola Stories, you will find relevant clips from these interviews connected to specific topics and places.

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Villar, Carmen


Carmen S. Villar, chief of staff at CDC, discusses her role in the agency's 2014-16 Ebola response. In addition to carrying out the vision of the…

Kamara, Sorie


Sorie I. B. Kamara, volunteer at the District Health Management Team in Bombali, Sierra Leone, gives some personal background, then describes his work…

Plucinski, Mateusz (Interview 3)


Interview 3: Dr. Mateusz Plucinski, epidemiologist in CDC's Malaria Branch, describes his August/September 2015 deployment to Guinea-Bissau to help…

Montgomery, Joel (Interview 2)


Interview 2: Dr. Joel M. Montgomery, branch chief of the Epidemiology, Informatics, Surveillance, and Laboratory Branch at CDC, recalls his three…

Kiawu, Armah


Armah Kiawu, a Liberian Ebola survivor and worker on a program to test survivors' semen for Ebola virus (the Men's Health Screening Program, or MHSP),…

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Oral Histories