MSF Ebola Treatment Unit


MSF Ebola Treatment Unit


How We Treat Ebola, 2015. This graphic visualizes a typical MSF Ebola Treatment Unit. A border fence, typically made of orange snow-fencing, encloses the ETUs' tents, and temporary and pre-existing buildings. The patient treatment sections include: a triage area where people are initially evaluated for Ebola; two zones, one each for suspected and confirmed cases; visitor areas; and exits for survivors, suspected cases who were negative for Ebola by testing, or for bodies to be picked up by the morgue to be prepared for safe burial.

The staff sections include: PPE changing areas; the staff entrance into the high-risk zone leading to the confirmed cases; and the staff exit from the high-risk zone where decontamination would occur. In addition, this area includes a laundry, incinerator, and office tents.


courtesy of Medicins Sans Frontieres


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